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  1. play hard work harder social life

    • He currently plays the part of Conall Daly, a mischevious barman in the very popular ... Gavin enjoys an active social life and is always up for fun, adventure and .... But Sile said that this was all down to the countless hours of hard work Gavin has ....


  2. Work Hard, Play Hard | MIT Admissions

    • MIT Admissions>. blogs>. Work Hard, Play Hard>.
    • Work Hard, Play Hard. Posted in: Miscellaneous, Information, Prepare for MIT, Life & Culture. Personally, I have always considered myself a pretty social person.


  3. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD: The 30 most intense colleges in America - Business Insider

    • "Most students follow the 'work hard, play hard' model religiously," one freshman reported.
    • Party Scene: A+. "Colgate students enjoy an active social life," one recent graduate noted. "They work hard and play hard with an unlimited number of options available to them."


  4. How to Work Hard & Play Hard

    • Time management is crucial when you are trying to balance a very active social life and a demanding career.
    • Work Hard and Play Hard in London. England isn’t all tea, scones and Downton Abbey-ing…and shame on you for thinking that, because London (or Londontown as completely irrelevant...


  5. Work hard, play hard: The social life of workers - Doha News

    • Why we all need to embrace women’s rights and open debate
    • Qatar needs to stop ‘playing the victim card’
    • The social life of migrant laborers in Qatar leaves much to be desired.


  6. Is 'Work hard, play hard' a good motto to live by? - Quora

    • Why can't people see the results of their hard work in their social lives? How can one apply the phrase "work hard and play hard" in their life? What is so cool about working hard and playing hard?


  7. Life as an LA Intern: Work hard. Play Hard.

    I was having the time of my life. Work was going really well, and my social life was awesome. I was dreading the day the programme would come to an end! Throughout my 8 weeks at The Narrative Group, I made sure I worked my hardest - after all...


  8. Social Life - Careers - MovieStarPlanet

    • Although we work hard, we also like to play hard. At MovieStarPlanet we believe it is extremely important to have an active and diverse social life outside of work.


  9. How is the social life in China? What are the typical lifestyles of different sections of people in China? - Quora

    • Sometimes girls will join to increase more fun like kicking the ball directly into their own goal. Work Hard, Play Hard, Have fun.
    • She take it as a perfect opportunity to do try some photography. We are all looking forward on this final video! 7:00 PM Social Life.


  10. Hard-Working College Student Vs. Social Life: Tips For Balancing Both

    • It’s good to work hard. Working 60 hours a week without a day off or room for any leniency? Not so much. We all know the saying: “All work and no play…”
    • Enjoy your life; you only have one, so make sure that what you’re working toward is worth it.