html5 - Playing youtube video in windows 8 app - Stack Overflow

Once you have done that you should be able to embed HTML5 YouTube videos in a WebView control by navigating to the YouTube URL. Flash videos cannot be displayed in a Metro style app. Code for the webview control.

windows 8 - How to play YouTube videos... - Stack Overflow

I developed a YouTube class for Windows Phone which gets the MP4 link of a YouTube movie. Maybe you can use this code and start the video app with the MP4 link or set the source of a media element (if existent in Win8)?

c# 4.0 - How to Play Youtube Videos In Windows... - Stack Overflow

Hello I am developing a windows phone 8 application. My application is complete i am left with two things first, i have to play videos from youtube channel. second, i have to make application resolution compatible.

A Featured Rich YouTube Player app for Windows 8

YouTube Player app for Windows 8 is a free style app for Windows 8 to search and watch YouTube videos within the app. The app offers a plethora of options to play with, but due to

YouTube8: YouTube App For Windows 10/8

YouTube8 is a free metro-style app for Windows 10 and Windows 8 to search and watch YouTube videos within the app. The user interface of the app is simple but easy-to-use.

Playing Videos in Windows 8 | Video Apps For Windows 8

Why can't I play video files in Windows 8? The good news is: you still can! Options for playing videos in Windows 8!

Embed YouTube videos into your Windows Phone/Windows 8 app

I don't know if playing Youtube video using this method is 100% legal as it bypasses the advertising (it is what every other windows phone YouTube app is using including the one from Microsoft that was pulled out of the store).

6 Best YouTube Apps for Windows 8

2. TubeLight+: TubeLite (formerly YouTube+) is the top rated YouTube application for Windows 8.1.

MetroTube For Windows 8 - A Feature Rich App to Play Youtube...

A new App to play Youtube Video comes with lot of features.

YouTube Player For Windows 8: Hyper For YouTube

This YouTube player for Windows 8 is one of the most advanced way to watch YouTube on your Windows 8 PC.

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