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Please excuse me, but I'm really so tired that it is painful to me to talk. And you must own him for a man of might, If he holds out to please you the third night.

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Please is a polite expression of request. Other meanings of please include: To "please", as a verb, means to give gratification or pleasure. "Pleasing" means finding an object or person aesthetically appealing or attractive. Please may also refer to: Please (Pet Shop Boys album), 1986.

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2. To have the will or desire; wish: Do as you please. Sit down, if you please.

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(used as a polite addition to requests, commands, etc.) if you would be so obliging; kindly: Please come here.

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From Middle English plesen, plaisen, from Old French plaise, conjugated form of plaisir or plaire, from Latin placēre ‎(“to please, to seem good”), from the Proto-Indo-European *plā-k- ‎(“wide and flat”). Displaced native Middle English quemen, queamen ‎(“to please”...

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Cincinnatian: Please? Clerk: Did you order the water?

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please [pliːz] excl пожа́луйста vt угожда́ть (угоди́ть*perf) +dat vi (give pleasure, satisfaction) угожда́ть (угоди́ть*perf) yes, please да, спаси́бо my bill, please получи́те (с меня́), пожа́луйста please don't...

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please! ¡por favor!; (as protest) ¡por Dios!; (yes,) please sí, gracias; can you pass the salt, please me pasas la sal, por favor; please don't cry! ¡no llores, (te lo

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"Please, please don't make me do this," she gasped. Please, Jule, please stay away. "I do whatever I please," came the guarded answer.

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to please proceed please wait to please yourself ... types of sites, please visit StopBadwar... ... was sent in error, please contact us.... Please note that you ca...


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