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Business Writing: The "Please Advise" Habit


They used "Please advise" in their opening sentences, their closing sentences, and sometimes in the middle, like this

Urban Dictionary: Please Advise


Always assume that the user of the phrase "please advise" is a college graduate that follows the advice of his professors to a T... Even 15 years later..

expression choice - "Please advise" -- why is this a common turn...


"Please advise" is quickly becoming common place in email conversations where one person asks a question and then makes it extremely clear that the other side now has responsibility for doing...

Please advise us or Please advice me? | Forum


"Please advise us" is the correct one For your information, "advice" is a noun whereas "advise" is a verb. If you want to use "advice", you have to say like "Please give advice" because in this sentence it is used as noun.

Is saying 'please advise' in an email request polite... - Quora


Is using the phrase "please advise" when emailing colleagues a nice way of saying, "thanks in advance for the answer or input" or more a rude way of saying, "I'm passing the buck" or "gimme an answer...

Hi , 1. Please be


what't the difference between "Please be advised" & "please advise"?

ending an email with "please advise" — Ask a Manager


The addition of “please advise” feels demanding and bratty and of course redundant. My brain says this when reading it: You just asked me a question.

The difference between advise and advice


Please advise me.

Stay of Execution: Please Advise


Like the opener "Gentlemen:" there's something nicely formal about "please advise," and yet it gently but firmly conveys "this is your problem, and the ball is in your court...

Please Advise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Please Advise is a live album by saxophonist Tim Berne's Paraphrase which was recorded in Germany in 1998 and released on Berne's Screwgun label. The AllMusic review by William York said "Please Advise continues Berne's streak of quality releases on his Screwgun label during the late '90s...


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