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  1. Which is correct: please find the attached file or please find attached the file? - Quora

    • "Please find attached" is letting the reader know that something is attached in the email. And yes, this can be necessary, as some people really do miss that little paperclip icon denoting an attachment.


  2. Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums

    • Please find attached, the new Word document the 2nd example makes me think of Yoda in the Star Wars films.


  3. "Please Find Attached My Resume..." "Please Find The Following..."?

    And finally, at the end, mention that you have enclosed your resume: I have attached my resume for your consideration. Best wishes, Clive.


  4. Business Writing: Please See Attached

    • So "Please find attached" is no improvement. Are people at your organization, like Jonathan's, attached to "Please see attached"?


  5. Please find attached | find the attached | find attached the file: Which One?

    • Please find attached or Please find the attached? Many people want to know the correct way of mentioning email attachments.


  6. Please find the attached file or please find attached the file | Forum

    • However, in BrE at least, "Please find attached ..." is frequently the beginning of such a sentence. It would then go on to say what is attached.


  7. Attached Please Find?

    • I sent a note reminding them to do something. Can I put the beginning sentence in the following ways? 1. Attached please find the schedule for your retention.


  8. Business Writing: "Enclosed Please Find" Means You Lost It

    • Like Sandra, I have seen the phrases "attached please find" and "enclosed please find" countless times in other people's writing.


  9. politeness - "Please Find Attached or "Please Find Enclosed" in a formal email? - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

    • In email writing, when we are attaching any document, what is the correct, formal and more polite way to write: Please find attached "Monthly status report" PDF for your reference.


  10. idioms - How should "please find enclosed" be used? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

    • Please find attached the updated contract. Please find herewith my expense report for ice cream. While I often use it myself, I find that it sounds a bit off.