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Please find attached, the new Word document the 2nd example makes me think of Yoda in the Star Wars films.

Please find the attached file or please find attached the file | Forum


I think "Please find the attached file" rather odd. You might ask someone to read, peruse, save, edit or even delete "the attached file".

Business Writing: "Enclosed Please Find" Means You Lost It


Like Sandra, I have seen the phrases "attached please find" and "enclosed please find" countless times in other people's writing.

Which is correct: please find the attached file or please find... - Quora


"Please find the attached file," is more common, but not the only correct phrase.

"Please find attached my resume..." "please find the following..."?


"Please find my resume in the attachment.."? I have also seen people saying "Attached is my resume / application ....", but that does not sound polite enough to me. Thank you.

please find attached...


I've been to two conferences in the past two weeks, presenting studies on British and American use of the word please. It was a blog post here that inspired this new research direction: three years ago...

What is the *best* way to express that an email contains an attachment?


The attached file is the document that you requested. The attachment is a draft Power Point presentation.

please find attached — Универсальный англо-русский словарь


Please find attached. 1) Общая лексика: смотрите в приложении (часто используется в электронной переписке на английском языке, получаемой из Индии), в приложении, прилагается, прилагается к вашему вниманию 2) Глоссарий компании Сахалин Энерджи…

Please find attached letter - Английский-Русский Словарь


en “Please find attached to the present letter* the notes of our presentation of the report and the replies provided on ‧ and ‧ ugust ‧ by the delegation of Mali.

Please find the attached Weekly report or Please find attached...


I hate "attached please find" and "please find attached." It seems that people otherwise never speak nor write that way.

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