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  1. word choice - "For your reference" or "For your information" - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

    • Just a word on this answer: "Please find attached the requested pictures and information, for your reference. Please let me know if anything else is needed/required." I believe the word attached is a little bit odd.


  2. Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums

    • Please find my CV attached for your attention. (Modern formal, better than the traditional version) [when you sign your email "yours sincerely/faithfully and best regards"].
    • Please find the attached reference letter you requested.


  3. Please find attached | find the attached | find attached the file: Which One?

    • Please find attached or Please find the attached? What's the correct way to mention attachments in emails?
    • The sentence: Please find attached file for your kind reference Thank you in advance for your feedback.


  4. politeness - "Please Find Attached or "Please Find Enclosed" in a formal email? - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

    • [Please find attached "Monthly Status Report" PDF for your reference.] is correct, formal and polite. Naming the attachment and indicating its type helps distinguish it from malware, which is often sent as an attachment, making people reluctant to open attachments.


  5. Business Writing: Please See Attached

    • I like your blog. Please suggest wether to use this sentence or not:-please fin/see attache the reports for the day 9 march.
    • Please find here attached our pro forma invoice for your kind reference and payment."


  6. please find the attached file for your reference or please find attached the file for your reference ?

    • It is in reference to step ...
    • Please let me know your thoughts. Hoping for your kind understanding on this matter. Attempt at. I just came home.


  7. enclosed please find the attachment for your reference | HR Letter Formats

    • Please find my updated CV attached herewith. I am an MBA professional in ……. from ……… institute …..Place.
    • My detailed resume is enclosed for your reference. Review of my credentials will confirm that I meet the eligibility criteria for the desired profile.


  8. Is it correct to write - Please find attached file

    • Instead say, "Please see the attached report" or "The report is attached". "Attache" is not the proper form in English for a past participle, the grammatical entity needed… in these sentence.
    • Is it correct to say ' Please find attached for your reference'?


  9. Which One Is Correct?

    • Is B correct? The original poster's two sentences: a) please find the attached file for your reference. b) please find attached the file for your reference.


  10. please find the attached file for your reference or please find attached the file for your reference ?

    • Please find attached my new OpenPGP certificate. Please find attached two annexes with details of some of these crimes (source: LGBT Human Rights Platform Turkey).