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  1. please find attached in germany

    • please find enclosed german translation. please find attached in germany.
    • manual film processing techniques. c# mailmessage attachment locks file. wordpress wp_get_attachment_image_src not working.


  2. please find attached in german

    • Translation for "Please find attached." - Toytown Germany | Forum.
    • "Please find attached" is letting the reader know that something is attached in the email. And yes, this can be necessary, as some people really do miss that little paperclip icon denoting an attachment.


  3. Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums

    • Which is better, in the context of a more formal or business email tone, when sending a little email prompting readers to open an attached document? 1. Please find attached the new Word document.


  4. Business Writing: "Enclosed Please Find" Means You Lost It

    • Only use "please find" if you have lost something and want your reader to find it. Like Sandra, I have seen the phrases "attached please find" and "enclosed please find" countless times in other people's writing.


  5. Translation for "Please find attached..." - Translations - Toytown Germany | Forum

    • I wrote some invoices with : 'Please find attached the invoice for the month of February' This little part of "please 'find' confused...
    • thelocal.de ·. englishforum.ch. Toytown Germany. In association with The Local.


  6. please find attached the requested documents german

    • Please find attached the seasonal greetings of ICOMOS Germany. ...
    • Boost your international career in germany with the esslingen MBA .... Please find more information in the attached flyer as well as on ...


  7. Please find the attached file or please find attached the file | Forum

    • You could say "Please find attached the file we spoke about earlier" for example.
    • However, in BrE at least, "Please find attached ..." is frequently the beginning of such a sentence.


  8. Please find attached | find the attached | find attached the file: Which One?

    • Please find attached or Please find the attached? What's the correct way to mention attachments in emails?
    • Please Find Attached: How to Mention Email Attachments. 3 years ago 33371 11 Comments.


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  10. politeness - "Please Find Attached or "Please Find Enclosed" in a formal email? - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

    • [Please find attached "Monthly Status Report" PDF for your reference.] is correct, formal and polite. Naming the attachment and indicating its type helps distinguish it from malware, which is often sent as an attachment, making people reluctant to open attachments.