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Is “please find attached the report” or “please find the report attached” the right way to write when sending a document via email?

Business Writing: Please See Attached


Please find the attached invoices from G T F for September and October,2011.is it corect? G T F is another company how can say that and Mention the month of the invoices. i am greatful for your help Ibrahim.

Please find attached the revised?


AlpheccaStars: Vimalpal Which is correct? please. Neither. The revised invoice is attached. I never ask the readers of my emails to find the attachments. The attachments are pretty obvious in most modern email systems.

Please find (AND) so on?


Holyduke: Please find the attached invoice for the charges...and settle the payment(s) accordingly by 31 Dec.

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OBJECT: INVOICE FOR [DESCRIBE] Dear [CONTACT NAME]: Please find attached our invoice for services rendered and additional disbursements in the above- mentioned matter. Because we already had funds in a trust, this invoice is only sent for your information.

Copy of invoice A1535434. Please find your invoice attached.


Email: Fake Screwfix emails claim to have a copy of an invoice attached. Attached zip contains an executable virus or trojan horse. These emails are NOT coming from screwfix.com. Subject: Copy of invoice A1535434. Please find your invoice attached. Dear Customer.

Please find attached INVOICE number 224244 from Power EC Ltd...


This email has what appears to be a genuine word doc attached which is malformed and contains a macro script virus.

Which sentence is correct? Please find herewith the attachment.


"Please find the attached file," is more common, but not the only correct phrase. link. answered Aug 18 '16 at 15:54 sanjay Expert.

Please find attached invoice no.17774. Please process the payment...


Translated To French. English. Please find attached invoice no.17774. Please process the payment at your earliest convenience. French. 1. Veuillez trouver ci-joint facture no.17774.

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Английский. Please find my CV attached : Итальянский. Allego il mio CV insieme con le copie di alcune referenze.

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