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Is “please find attached the report” or “please find the report attached” the right way to write when sending a document via email? I know many of you must be wondering about the right usage as this is. So here’s my answer

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2. Attached please find the new Word document. My boss and I have been rowing over this for a while now.

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Please find the attached documents and do the needful.

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The enclosed document shows . . . Please review the attached diagram . . . The attached spreadsheet covers . . .

Please allow me to introduce myself.


Please find attached the document for your attention./ Attached please find the document for your attention. I would be absolutely delighted if you could spare a few minutes to see me on Monday 25th January, if it is at all possible.

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Using the word may makes it sound like ...or you may not. I would say: Attached please find the documents you requested.

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In fact, it would be just plain weird to put this into another request form like Could you please find the document attached? or I would be very grateful if you would find the document attached.

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Please find the attached documents "for you to have a look"...


BarbaraPA: Say "for your review.". Or "for your review and approval" if that's the case.

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Zu » Please find attached the document « verwandte Phrasen. Please give us the lowest price at which you can supply. Please put it on/charge it to my account. You can please yourself about where you sit.

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