к настоящему прилагается - Перевод на английский - примеры ...


Please find attached the letter which the Minister of External Relations has addressed to you with the request that it be circulated as a document of the Security ...

Наиболее часто используемые в электронных сообщениях ...


I am writing to follow up on our telephone conversation / your request / our ... Transmitting the documents. • Please find attached [название документа].

Writing a Business Letter in Russian Language


As to your request (your order, your claim)... Closing ... Просим сообщить нам, как можно скорее, Please, inform us in the shortest possible time. Ожидаем ... We find it necessary (important, reasonable) to note. ... Enclosing Documents.

Как написать электронное письмо на английском + 4 сайта для ...


Please find attached... (my CV and cover letter). ... (the document you requested). Я прилагаю. ... See you soon,, До скорой встречи, / Скоро увидимся,. Rgds ...

Луценко: "Янукович просил Москву о вводе российских войск на ...


17 янв 2017 ... Together with photocopy of the enclosed statement of His Excellency ... the symbol S/2014/46, Attached please find the requested document.

Основы деловой переписки


Enclosed in this folder please find the itinerary for your visit to. Washington ..... Would you be kind enough to supply the information requested below. Does your ..... As agreed you will draw on us at 30 days, D/A, with the documents being sent  ...

English/Russian Legal Glossary


please contact Ms. Elaine Flores, Administrative Services Officer II of the Court, at (916) ... 995 PC MOTION - Request made by a defendant to dismiss a count of information. ... ACQUIT - To legally find the innocence of a person charged with a crime. ..... ATTACHMENT - (1) Document attached to court papers to give more ...

В.В. Сдобников, А.В. Селяев, С.Н. Чекунова. Практикум по ...


When documents or other papers are to be enclosed with or attached to correspondence, an enclosure .... Requesting the answer. 1. ... Please find enclosed... 6.

Материалы учебного дела


Please provide 4 additional copies of the Request and the documents annexed ... Finally, please find enclosed a note from the Court's Secretary General that ...



THE OUTNET is brought to you by the team behind the award-winning designer fashion site NET-A-PORTER. Thanks to our favorite designer partners, we are ...

Please Find Attached File: How to Mention... - Common English Errors


Please find the attached file...Is this the correct way to mention an attachment in emails?

grammaticality - Is it correct to use this expression in an email...


Using the word may makes it sound like ...or you may not. I would say: Attached please find the documents you requested.

Which is correct: please find the attached file or please find... - Quora


The enclosed document shows . . . Please review the attached diagram . . . The attached spreadsheet covers . . .

Please find attached documents as requested malspam pretending...


One of the emails looks like: From: random name at your own email domain or company. Date: Fri 09/09/2016 14:03. Subject: FW:Documents Requested. Attachment: Untitled(6).zip. Body content: Dear addy, Please find attached documents as requested.

Business Writing: Please See Attached


3)As per your request, please find attached the completed sub-contractor registration form and other supporting documents for your information.

Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums


2. Attached please find the new Word document. My boss and I have been rowing over this for a while now.

Please Find Attached The Requested Document / Social


"Please find the requested document attached"?

"Please find attached the file (we discussed/you requested...)


Please find the attached (document, file) more natural.

Malware spam: "Updated" / "Attached please find the documents...


This spam email has a malicious attachment and a slightly amusing typo: From: Sophia Rowland Date: 27 June 2016 at 22:17 Subject: Updated. Dear [redacted], Attached please find the documents you requested.. King regards.

Separated by a Common Language: please find attached...


In fact, it would be just plain weird to put this into another request form like Could you please find the document attached? or I would be very grateful if you would find the document attached.


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