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Please find the attached file...Is this the correct way to mention an attachment in emails?

grammaticality - Is it correct to use this expression in an email...


Using the word may makes it sound like ...or you may not. I would say: Attached please find the documents you requested.

Which is correct: please find the attached file or please find... - Quora


The enclosed document shows . . . Please review the attached diagram . . . The attached spreadsheet covers . . .

Please find attached documents as requested malspam pretending...


One of the emails looks like: From: random name at your own email domain or company. Date: Fri 09/09/2016 14:03. Subject: FW:Documents Requested. Attachment: Untitled(6).zip. Body content: Dear addy, Please find attached documents as requested.

Business Writing: Please See Attached


3)As per your request, please find attached the completed sub-contractor registration form and other supporting documents for your information.

Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums


2. Attached please find the new Word document. My boss and I have been rowing over this for a while now.

Please Find Attached The Requested Document / Social


"Please find the requested document attached"?

"Please find attached the file (we discussed/you requested...)


Please find the attached (document, file) more natural.

Malware spam: "Updated" / "Attached please find the documents...


This spam email has a malicious attachment and a slightly amusing typo: From: Sophia Rowland Date: 27 June 2016 at 22:17 Subject: Updated. Dear [redacted], Attached please find the documents you requested.. King regards.

Separated by a Common Language: please find attached...


In fact, it would be just plain weird to put this into another request form like Could you please find the document attached? or I would be very grateful if you would find the document attached.

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