Результаты поиска по запросу "please find attached the following documents with regard to":

  1. Business Writing: Please See Attached

    • Or "Please find herewith attachment regarding captioned subject".
    • "Please see the attached documents for the Updated account value for the following clients."


  2. please find attached the following documents with regard to

    • Regards, ... Please find attached a print screen with filled ...
    • Please find enclosed my Student Application (Your Name, DoB) including the following documents: Мотивационное письмо для студенческой визы.


  3. Please find attached | find the attached | find attached the file: Which One?

    • Please Find Attached: How to Mention Email Attachments.
    • Please find the attached documents for your signature.
    • Please use the enclosed envelope to . . . So, remember the following rules for email attachments
    • With kind regards, Anna.


  4. Please find attached document/s | Forum

    • I am using it every day and I receive hundreds of e-mails with it: "Please find attached the following document/s with regard to .....:" and then a list of the document/s and its/their details or explanation.


  5. Business Writing: "Enclosed Please Find" Means You Lost It

    • Please help me on the following sentence: "Attached are the bank statement, marriage certificate and medical letter.
    • Please kindly review the attached our company brochure in below. Best regards.
    • But again in the letter we write Please find attached the subjected document for your approval...


  6. Which is correct: please find the attached file or please find attached the file? - Quora

    • "Please find attached" is letting the reader know that something is attached in the email. And yes, this can be necessary, as some people really do miss that little paperclip icon denoting an attachment.
    • Is “Please see attached document” correct?


  7. "Please Find Attached My Resume..." "Please Find The Following..."?

    I have won an Olympic gold medal and a Nobel Prize. etc. Ask politely for an interview: I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss this with you in an interview. And finally, at the end, mention that you have enclosed your resume: I have attached my resume for your consideration.


  8. Please find the attached file or please find attached the file | Forum

    • Regards. I say "please find the attached file/document".
    • However, in BrE at least, "Please find attached ..." is frequently the beginning of such a sentence.


  9. Attached please find or Please find attached | WordReference Forums

    • Please find attached, the new Word document the 2nd example makes me think of Yoda in the Star Wars films.
    • (Modern business, for friendly associates/colleagues) [when you sign your email "best regards/regards/nothing"]. Here's that excel file that you wanted.


  10. Threat Outbreak Alert RuleID7930: Email Messages Distributing Malicious Software on July 25, 2016

    • Please find attached document for your attention. Regards. Or.
    • Good Day Please kindly assist to provide a quote for the following Order As Per Sample Attached Below and also advice the availability of the Order and delivery date waiting to hear from you.