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"Please Please Me" is a song and the second single released by English rock group the Beatles in the United Kingdom, and the first to be issued in the United States. It was also the title track of their first LP, which was recorded to capitalise on the success of the single.

PLEASE PLEASE ME [Original The Beatles version]


PLEASE PLEASE ME is a song originally released by The Beatles in 1963. See the below section for more details.

Notes on the cover songs on the "Please Please Me" album


CD: "Please Please Me", Track 3 (Parlophone CDP7 46435-2) Composer: Arthur Alexander Influential version: Arthur Alexander (1962) Recorded: 11th February 1963, Abbey Road 2 UK-release: 22nd March

please please me original version


The Beatles were originally going to use please please me as the b-side to their first single until the complaint by George Martin about the similarities in style to...

Please Please Me | The Beatles Bible


The follow-up to The Beatles' début single Love Me Do, Please Please Me was originally written as a slow, bluesy song in the style of Roy Orbison.

3 Things to Know About the Beatles’ First No.1 Hit, “Please Please...”


“It was obvious to me that [Please Please Me] badly needed pepping up,” he said of the song’s original version. Because recordings at the time weren’t typically kept after final mastering processes, these original recordings no longer exist.

Beatles Please Please Me Album, UK and US versions


Why The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me, was not originally released in the US. by Trina Yannicos. Celebrating The Beatles 50th Anniversary.

Amazon.ca:Customer Reviews: Please Please Me (180 Gram Vinyl...)


I remember that original version of Please, Please Me ("a la Roy Orbison") almost was excluded from the album as Mr. Martin preferred the "fab four" to do a cover version of "How Do You Do It". Fortunately, after speeding up the tempo of Please...

Paul McCartney - Please Please Me [HD] - YouTube


"Please Please Me" has a diverse history. George Martin has stated that the original version of this song was "rather dreary", was too slow and consequently had little prospect of being the big hit the band were looking for.

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