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  1. please please me vinyl original value

    • GERMANY Order: Please Please Me [Vinyl]. You might also like…
    • The Beatles - Please Please Me (2009 Remaster - Vinyl Re-EQ) This is an attempt to match equalization of original vinyl pressing using official 2009...


  2. please please me vinyl original

    • Beatles rare & original vinyl lp "Please please me" with stunning front laminated large mono ernest j.day & co ltd flipback sleeve on parlophone label 1963.
    • The beatles please please me lp original 1964 MID size stereo pressing.


  3. Gorillaz 'Demon Days' — Vinyl Me, Please

    • Vinyl Me, Please Head of music Cameron Schaefer and co-founder Tyler Barstow talk about Demon Days and how it ended up as Record of the Month for April.
    • We trolled the web to tell the whole story of the origin of the characters in Gorillaz.


  4. Give the gift of vinyl — Vinyl Me, Please | An original art print + custom cocktail recipe

    • One incredible vinyl record featured every month, sent right to your door. Hell yeah! An original art print + custom cocktail recipe.
    • Vinyl Me, Please memberships not only make great gifts, they also make people love you.


  5. 10 Original Scores That Need Vinyl Releases Now — Vinyl Me, Please

    • Still, there are some glaring absences to record store shelves that beg to be filled. Here's ten original scores that need a vinyl release right now.
    • Discover new music & build your record collection with Vinyl Me, Please.


  6. The Beatles Vinyl Remasters: #1 Please Please Me | superdeluxeedition

    • The records have been pressed to heavy 180g vinyl, with the original packaging replicated, and starting today with Please Please Me, we will be looking at all 14 records over the next few weeks and reporting on how they sound, how they feel and how they look.


  7. Vinyl Me, Please

    • Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club.
    • 1 LP pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members. An original 12”x12” art print inspired by the album and custom cocktail pairing recipe.


  8. Join Vinyl Me, Please - The Best Way to Collect Vinyl Records — Vinyl Me, Please

    • Why Vinyl Me, Please? Discover essential albums and build your vinyl record collection. We celebrate one incredible vinyl record every month and send an exclusive pressing of it right to your door. We’ll also include an original 12x12...


  9. Sign Up For Vinyl Me, Please Classics — Vinyl Me, Please

    • Every month, current members of the main Vinyl Me, Please club, can sign up to receive an album in the classic genres of jazz, blues or soul.
    • Every month, we send you the Classics selection, pressed on 180g black vinyl, with the original cover art and remastered from the highest quality audio we can...


  10. Beck 'Odelay' — Vinyl Me, Please

    • 180g bourbon-colored vinyl with black marbling. 12″ x 12″ poster from original pressing.
    • Beck was the original pioneer of the viral music video. We disect each video from the singles off Odelay to show you how they fueled his career in this article.