Check Your Plugins — Mozilla

In the future, Firefox will update plugins for you.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. 45,465 plugins with 1,325,099,810 total downloads are at your fingertips.

Plugins – Deluge

Application Plugins. Installing Plugin Eggs. Determine Python Version. Download. Install. Client-Server Setups. Plugin Development.

Maven – Available Plugins

Reporting plugins will be executed during the site generation and they should be configured in the <reporting/> element from the POM.

Plugins - WinMerge 2.12 Manual

This is because some plugins can give unexpected behaviour if you forget that you have the plugins turned on. These few plugins may only be of interest to a few users. Each plugin is

Testing plugins - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

You can test your plugins to see if they are working by visiting the pages listed below.

Redmine plugins

Our plugins cover business automation niches with CRM, Helpdesk and Invoices flagman products, that help extend your Redmine with powerful functionality and UI, that work with or without our themes.

Plugins - Asheron's Call Community Wiki - Wikia

This page is protected to prevent link vandalism, to suggest a change or update, please post here. Decal is a plugin environment that provides developers a framework with which to create Plugins that interface with Asheron's Call.

Bukkit Plugins - Bukkit

Installation Download the plugin from this site. Put the .jar file into your plugins...

Plugins – FlexGet

Plugins provide most of the functionality in FlexGet. Plugins usually create, manipulate or download entries but they can also change how FlexGet operates.

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