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Apply for a private hire driver licence - Transport for London


Private hire board. There are licensed operators all across London, offering a variety of services.

Taxi & private hire - Transport for London | Driver & operator licensing


We license the drivers and owners of taxis and private hire vehicles (minicabs) who operate in London.

Private London Tour by car with guide


Take our customised private London tour sightseeing in a private car with a personal Blue Badge qualified Driver-Guide and make your day seamless, memorable and personal.

Guide on what to do to become a mini cab driver in London, UK.


This guide is for everyone who is considering to become a Private Hire Driver – Mini Cab/Taxi Driver – or so called Cabbie in London, and by saying London I mean area within Motorway M25.

All Programs - Private hire driver london


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Driver Guides - British Guild of Tourist Guides


Driver Guides. Private Guided Tours of London and throughout Britain by Private Car. Travelling with your personal Blue Badge tourist guide in his or her own car is the ultimate sightseeing and touring...

Private Guided Tours From London - Small & Large Groups


Options for private tours from London driver with or without a guide, from car size to large touring coaches. Design your own itinerary.

Taxicabs of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia


Taxicabs are regulated throughout the United Kingdom, but the regulation of taxicabs in London is especially rigorous with regard to mechanical integrity and driver knowledge. An official report observed that: "Little however is known about the regulation by anyone outside the trade.

Private Hire Driver London | Blogs by Private Hire Minicab Driver...


But, then there is also a very big positive for the industry that Uber is creating without even realising. Never have I seen such unity within private hire drivers in London and even globally.

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