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  1. How to Care for a Privet Hedge | eHow

    • These attractive and vigorous shrubs are often pruned and shaped into hedges or natural privacy screens for home landscapes. With the proper care, a privet shrub can add a touch of elegant natural...


  2. How To Decorate With And Care For A Privet Hedge

    • Privet hedges are a nice way to define a garden, to impose barriers or to separate areas.
    • If cared for properly it can be trained to form beautiful green fences, living walls and arches or gates over garden...


  3. Privet Hedges: Growing Tips for Ligustrum Shrubs | Plant Care Tips: Pruning, Sun and Soil Requirements

    • Tips for Growing Privet Hedges. Share.
    • Lawn Care Tips. Growing Bamboo FAQs: All Your Questions Answered. Tree & Shrub Basics.


  4. How to Prune Privet Hedges | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Garden Care.
    • A perfectly pruned privet hedge can set a formal tone for a garden, give a clean look to a home's foundation or provide a cool, green wall of privacy.


  5. The Best Time to Trim a Privet Hedge | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Related Articles. Privet Tree Care.
    • Privet Hedge Disease. Waxleaf Privet Spacing. Propagating Ligustrum (Privet) Cuttings.


  6. Privet hedge plants in the garden — tips on caring

    The privet is the perfect choice if you are looking for a hedge plant that grows fast and thick. If you have a plant privet hedge, You will receive an attractive privacy screen that is between two and three...


  7. Privet Hedge Plants | Ligustrum ovalifolium Hedging

    • Care advice for Privet hedging. We recommend trimming your Privet hedge plants at least twice a year, in May and August, to maintain form and keep your hedges tidy.


  8. The Privet Hedge | This Old House

    • Lawn Care.
    • The Privet Hedge. This iconic living fence functions as a glossy green property marker, windscreen, and noise barrier.


  9. Privet Tree Care | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Privet Tree Care. Pruning hedges helps keep fruits from growing. Privet trees and shrubs (Ligustrum lucidum) are deciduous or semi-evergreen plants grown separately or in hedges.


  10. privet hedge care uk

    • Privet Hedges or ligustrum hedges are one of the easiest to care for prune and one of the most common forms of hedging available.