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How to Propagate Privet Hedge Cuttings | eHow


How to Cut a Privet Hedge. Privet (Ligustrum), comes in many varieties: Japanese, Chinese, common, California Privet (Ligutrum vulgare) or Golden (Ligustrum ovafolium "Aureum") are the most

Privet Hedges - gardening forum | gardenersworld.com


I am new to the gardening world and I have recently managed to get myself an alotment.

Hedge Trimmers | My Neighbour's Garden


Garden hedge trimmers have advanced in design and with them the job of hedge cutting is much easier.

Privet Hedge - Direct Gardening


Privet Hedge. GREAT way to trim your property! 1-2' Tall Plants!

Propagating Privet from Cuttings is Easy / The Ashridge Nurseries Blog


Propagating Privet from Cuttings is Easy. This entry was posted on 31st December 2008 by Julian.

Privet Cuttings (gardening for beginners forum at permies)


Most of the cuttings are 12inch long or so, I think if I just piled them on as mulch then they'd try to root... what do you think? (the garden I'd be

BBC - Lancashire - Nature - Ask the gardener: Hedges


I am a novice gardener and am learning as I go along. I have inherited a 15ft run of basic privet hedge in my back garden.

How to Get Rid of a Privet Hedge | Garden Guides


Privet hedges are widely planted in urban areas as borders and boundaries. They are nearly indestructible and will re-grow even when cut down to ground level.

Privet Hedges and how to renovate Privets by cutting them back


Renovating Privet Hedge. Pruning Privet Hedges Back.


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