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Some of the individual privets in my hedge have been dying back over a period of about five years. One has died back and regenerated and one has died back completely. The third is in the process of dying back.

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HI. unfortunatly our elderly privet hedge looks like it is dying. some parts definitely have. it didnt do well in the frosts last year, and the dry weather probably sealed its fate.

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Rather than Pruning privet hedges, you carve the privet hedge with an electric trimmer.

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Why is this privet hedge dying? The hedge is about 4' tall and consists of approximately 15 plants. They were cut back severely several years ago and grew back, but this year all the plants seem to be dying, having failed to leaf out this spring and in most places reduced to bare twigs.

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Pruning Privet Hedge Back. By: Sandy Feather ©2008 Penn State Extension. Q. I have a small, very old, privet hedge that needs to be renovated by cutting it back severely.

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In addition to their frequent grooming needs, privet hedges may present other problems.

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Cutting privet hedge back. Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Warp Land Farmer, May 18, 2016.

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That’s peachy-keen if you live on a big estate and keep a gardening staff of 12 Ferengis to maintain a tidy privet hedge. My first house had a back yard enclosed by hedges of California privet (L. ovalifolium).

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When privet dies in stages over several years the culprit is often Honey Fungus, I find Privet a poor hedge plant as it often seems to die in patches and needs cutting a lot as it grows very quickly

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Privet Hedge. GREAT way to trim your property! 1-2' Tall Plants!

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