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  1. Privet Hedge Plants | Ligustrum ovalifolium Hedging

    • Combine Privet hedge plants with. Privet hedging is classically grown alone, as this allows the striking foliage to take centre stage and create an impressive feature in your garden...


  2. Planting a Privet Hedge - Cottage at the Crossroads

    • Planting a Privet Hedge. June 9, 2013 By Jane Windham.


  3. Privet Hedge Plants for Sale - Ligustrum | Ashridge Nurseries

    • Privet is probably the best all round evergreen hedge plant for urban areas. It will thrive in compacted, polluted soil next to a main road and it tolerates more shade than almost any other hedge plant.


  4. How to Plant a Privet Hedge | Advice from Ashridge Trees

    • Planting Privet hedges is one of the easiest ways to create fast growing, smart, evergreen barriers around your garden.


  5. Privet Hedges: Growing Tips for Ligustrum Shrubs | Plant Care Tips: Pruning, Sun and Soil Requirements

    • Privet hedges will fill in better (that is, the plants will become bushier) if they are pruned frequently. You can read tips here for how to trim hedges.


  6. How to Plant a Privacy Hedge - arborday.org

    • Now that you know why you are planting a hedge, how much space you have, and how tall you
    • North Privet can be planted 24 inches apart. The Rose of Sharon should be planted 2-3 feet apart.


  7. The Privet Hedge | This Old House

    • To plant a new privet hedge, create a trench two feet wide and two feet deep, space individual shrubs about 12 inches apart, and bring soil up to the branching trunk.


  8. Privet hedge plants in the garden — tips on caring

    The privet is the perfect choice if you are looking for a hedge plant that grows fast and thick. If you have a plant privet hedge, You will receive an attractive privacy screen that is between two and three...


  9. How to plant a natural Privacy Fence with Privet Hedge plants | eHow

    • Plant your own natural Privacy Fence using Privet Hedge plants.
    • Soak your Privet Hedge plants in water while you prepare the ground for the planting of your new hedge fence.


  10. Chinese Privet Hedge for Sale | Fast Growing Trees

    • Ideal for planting in rows... the Chinese Privet makes a wonderful hedge, privacy screen, or property divider. Requires no pruning to create a rich, natural hedge.