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  1. The Best Time to Trim a Privet Hedge | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Maintenance Pruning. Once established, an informal privet hedge -- one where individual shrubs keep their natural shape -- is pruned after the plant's fragrant white flowers bloom in mid-spring. You should only need to prune informal hedges once a year, removing...


  2. Pruning privet hedges

    • For many garderners, pruning privet hedges is less a chore, than a form of gentle therapy. The privet is one of the perfect plants for hedging. It has a history going back many hundreds of years and is (along with the buxus) the quintecentially British hedge.


  3. privet hedge pruning first year

    • For many garderners, pruning privet hedges is less a chore, than a form of gentle therapy.
    • Over the first year, a privet hedge should be watered regularly, usually through means of drip irrigation.


  4. How to Prune Privet Hedges | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Pruning saw. Tip. Cut out one-third of the largest branches of each privet in the hedge each year in late winter to maintain its natural, rounded shape
    • Is a Golden Privet an Acid Loving Plant? Trending in Your Area. Six months after moving in, Giants first baseman Brandon Belt selling East Bay home.


  5. Privet Hedges: Growing Tips for Ligustrum Shrubs | Plant Care Tips: Pruning, Sun and Soil Requirements

    • Privet hedges tolerate heavy pruning.
    • First of all, they are poisonous plants. Secondly, not being evergreen in the North, privet hedges will be attractive for only a portion of the year there; for the same reason, they cannot furnish privacy year-round.


  6. Yet another privet hedge pruning question

    • lisa2004(NY Z5/6)April 3, 2010. Every post I've read talks about planting privet hedges in the spring and when they should be pruned the first time.
    • By the third year, they should maintain their hedge shape, but will still require regular pruning.


  7. I want to start a privet hedge this year. How can I grow one that will be thick and square right to the ground | Yahoo Answers

    • Privet grows very fast but if you don't actively prune it so it becomes dense at the base from the first year, it get tall but will be comparatively thin and spindly.
    • After several years of good pruning you will achieve the hedge you want.


  8. When to Prune a Privet Hedge? | eHow UK

    • During the first two years, severe pruning allows the hedge to spread and become fuller at the base, so do not worry about the height of the privet hedge during the early years. After the hedge is established and healthy, allow it to grow to the desired height.


  9. How to Train a Privet Hedge | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Begin shaping the hedge at the end of its first year of growth, shearing it so it is wider at the bottom than at the top. Whether you want an informal, rounded top or more
    • Iowa State University Extension: Pruning Formal Hedges. University of Tennessee Extension: Privet (Ligustrum spp.) About the Author.


  10. Privet | Pruning

    • While the flowers are pretty, privet is primarily grown to form a thick, inpenetrable hedge.
    • Otherwise, the privet will live off the rain that naturally falls on it after the first year.
    • Pruning. Privet needs to be pruned after the flowers bloom.