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In Reply to: Hard pruning a privet hedge posted by Brian on May 09, 2003 at 12:22:31: : I live in Fairfield, CT. This past Easter weekend I hard pruned an old, 6 foot tall privet hedge.

Hard pruning a privet hedge

This past Easter weekend I hard pruned an old, 6 foot tall privet hedge. The only new growth was occuring on top, while the rest of plant was thin with very few branches.

Privet hedge

I have a new home with 280' of 5' Privet hedge that was planted in 1940. I doubt it has ever been trimmed to 2 feet. Right now it is full of maple saplings so I am wondering if I should give it a hard pruning and if I pull out the saplings all at once is it going to hurt the hedge?

How to hard prune privet - 1Q5A

Pruning a Privet hedge - Problem solving - The privet hedge that runs along the party wall (line) at the front of my ... it is impossible to kill privet and it benefits from really hard pruning .

Pruning Privet Hedge Back

Pruning Privet Hedge Back. By: Sandy Feather ©2008 Penn State Extension.

Will privet cope with hard pruning? -

Privet is as tough as old boots. Catherine Mansley, BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, explains how best to hard-prune your privet hedge, in our Quick Tips video.

Pruning privet hedges

How to prune a privet hedge. When it comes to pruning privet, forget about the niceties of picking which stem to cut and which to leave. There is no need for fannying about. just choose a line and cut everything back to that level.

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A perfectly pruned privet hedge can set a formal tone for a garden, give a clean look to a home's foundation or provide a cool, green wall of privacy.

Privet Hedges - Growing Tips for Ligustrum Shrubs

Privet hedges (Ligustrum shrubs) are traditional favorites, being amenable to pruning. But these bushes are invasive plants in North America.

Looking after your

I often come across privet hedges with bald tops, Laurels with brown and shattered leaves or the ubiquitous cypress hedge with brown or bare patches.

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