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In addition to their frequent grooming needs, privet hedges may present other problems. Summer allergy sufferers, for example, would be wise to remove and discard June blooms.

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Sting & Skin Allergy Section.

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To plant a new privet hedge, create a trench two feet wide and two feet deep, space individual shrubs about 12 inches apart, and bring soil up to the branching trunk. Water deeply and frequently the first year, using drip irrigation.

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I never had nasal allergies until a year ago. Then, in mid-summer when everyone else's allergy symptoms were easing up, a neighbor of mine and I started having symptoms. Neither of us had ever had seasonal allergies before so it took a while to realize that was what we had.

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Largest selling hedge plant in America! It is a fast-growing, superior, long-lived and beautiful hedge plant. If you love neat, formal trimmed hedges, our Hardy Amur Privet is the hedge for you.

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Picture showing a privet hedge. Dan Rosenholm/Photolibrary/Getty Images. By David Beaulieu. Landscaping Expert. By David Beaulieu. Updated November 27, 2016. Plant taxonomy classifies privet shrubs under the genus, Ligustrum. Indeed, they are commonly referred to as "ligustrum shrubs," too.

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privet — [[t]prɪ̱vɪt[/t]] N UNCOUNT Privet is a type of bush with small leaves that stay green all year round. It is often grown in gardens to form hedges. The garden was enclosed by a privet hedge …

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Privet (Ligustrum spp.) is an ideal shrub for hedges and decorative topiary because it grows aggressively whether planted in sun or partial shade. In addition to their frequent grooming needs, privet hedges may present other problems. Summer allergy sufferers, for example...



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