Common Privet Winter Damage

Common Privet Winter Damage. jerryscubaMay 22, 2008. We planted a long privet hedge along our property line for privacy. We wanted something fast growing but could not spent a lot of money.

Gardening - Care of new Privet hedge over winter.

Last Xmas, I planted three new Privet plants (3 feet high) to fill a metre gap in a long established Privet hedge.

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Privet sap can irritate the skin and cause an itchy rash. 2. Remove any damaged, crossing or dead branches, defoliated all the way to the tips from the center of each plant in the hedge with loppers or a pruning saw at their base in late winter.

Privet Hedge - Direct Gardening

This hedge grows very rapidly and fills in very quickly. Grows to 12-15' in height if left untrimmed, or trim to height desired. Plant 1 1/2' apart for hedge use. The Hardy Amur Privet is a winter hardy strain from Eastern Siberia -- perfect for rugged conditions.

Reinstating a Front Gate and Privet Hedge after car damage.

Our first task was to remove all of the snapped branches and damaged hedge from the entrance. Once we had cut the unwanted Privet to ground level we then proceeded to grind out the stumps using a stump grinder.

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Privet hedges comfortably handle winters far worse than any we are likely to see again.

Privet Hedge, Hardy - Ligustrum amurense

Plant 1 1/2' apart for hedge use. Only $151.47 for a 250-foot hedge, compared to $688.00 for the CHEAPEST chain-link fence. The Hardy Amur Privet is a winter hardy strain from Eastern Siberia -- perfect for rugged conditions.

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When training a young Japanese privet into a hedge or tree, make the major pruning cuts in late winter while the plants are still dormant.

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Boxwood plants often suffer from winter damage characterized with reddish brown, yellowish, gray-green foliage color.

Privet Hedges and how to renovate Privets by cutting them back

A. Mid-March is generally the best time to perform radical renovation of most shrubs, including privet and privet hedges (Ligustrum spp.). We are generally past the worst of winter’s cold by then, and they will begin to push new growth as the weather warms in spring.

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