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In the great majority of cases when California privet hedges are winter-killed nothing is done. The result is that the plants either die outright or make but a feeble and patchy recovery.

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Privet Hedge Problems. Privey requires frequent shearing. Privet (Ligustrum spp.) is an ideal shrub for hedges and decorative topiary because it grows aggressively whether planted in sun or partial

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Privet varieties vary in winter hardiness, and winter kills (the death of some of the privets in a hedge) don't repair easily in hedges.

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Yellow or red-capped mushroom clusters at the soil line around privets in fall or winter signal an advanced Armillaria infection.

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Winter Chinese Privet. Source Abuse Report. Privet Hedge Ligustrum.

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How to Kill Privet Hedges. The privet hedge is a hearty plant that is often used as a barrier on property.

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The hedge there is 12 feet tall and tighter than stone. My privet and I are very insulted by your comments and I would suggest you start drafting a sincere apology.”

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This hedge grows very rapidly and fills in very quickly. Grows to 12-15' in height if left untrimmed, or trim to height desired. Plant 1 1/2' apart for hedge use. The Hardy Amur Privet is a winter hardy strain from Eastern Siberia -- perfect for rugged conditions.


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