PRIVET Meaning in Hindi: Translation of Privet in Hindi

What is the meaning of privet in Hindi?

Mock privet meaning in Hindi - Meaning of MOCK PRIVET in Hindi...

Definition of Mock privet. evergreen shrub with white flowers and olivelike fruits.

Ibolium privet meaning in Hindi - Meaning of IBOLIUM PRIVET...

Definition of Ibolium privet. fast-growing and tightly branched hybrid of Ligustrum ovalifolium and Ligustrum obtusifolium.

privet - Meaning in Tamil - privet in Tamil - Shabdkosh

What privet means in Tamil, privet meaning in Tamil, privet definition, examples and pronunciation of privet in Tamil language. Also see: privet in Hindi.

Privet Urdu Meanings: قاغیا - - English to Urdu Dictionary

You have searched the English word "Privet" meaning in Urdu "قاغیا " . Privet meaning has been search 3740 (three thousand seven hundred and forty) times till 6/20/2016. You can also find Privet meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

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Meaning of HUF (Hindu Undivided Family).

privet hedge meaning: meaning of privet hedge from Bee English...

privet hedge. (eg. origin, hindu, flower ).

Urban Dictionary: privet

privet. russian polite slang word, meaning: hi.

4 Privet Drive - Harry Potter Wiki - Wikia

4 Privet Drive is the street address of the home owned by Vernon and Petunia Dursley. They lived in this home with their son, Dudley as well as their nephew, Harry Potter, son of Lily Potter, Petunia's late sister and Lily's husband James Potter.

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