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From Russian is translated exactly as "Hi!". Used in the same manor. 1. Yo, dude! 2. Privet!

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Another, although more formal and rarely used, form of privet is privetstvuyu, meaning I greet you.

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Privet means 'Hi' in Russian.

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Russians: What does "Privet dava znakometsya" mean? What does means the russian phrase... privet shto raskagysh?

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2. privet! not really an urban word or used in the hip hop scene but it means h*llo. yo, privet … dude! russian polite slang word, meaning: hi husband: privet! wife: told ya, no h*llo-s...

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I believe that 'krasivy' means beautiful in Russian so would it be correct for me to write the



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What is the meaning of the Russian phrase 'привет сука' (privet suka)?


Pronounce Words. Names. What is the meaning of the Russian phrase 'привет сука' (privet suka)?

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