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Asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis occur in Privet tree pollen-sensitised individuals.

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Kernerman SM, McCullough J, Green J, Ownby DR. Evidence of cross-reactivity between olive, ash, privet, and Russian olive tree pollen allergens. Ann Allergy 1992;69(6):493-6.


However, because research shows privet is not a strong allergen for most people, a positive allergy test is needed before the regional council can require a privet tree to be removed on health grounds.

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TREES: Do not plant oak (#1 allergy tree), walnut, olive, fruitless mulberry, acacia or juniper. Also avoid ash, privet, maple, birch, Chinese elms, liquidambars, redwood trees, cypress, and pines.

ACA Laboratories | #T210: Allergen-Privet IgE

#T210: Allergen-Privet IgE. COMPONENTS.

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I live in N. Alabama and my allergies are about to get the best of me thanks to the honeysuckles and PRIVET!!

Interpretation for 82784 Privet Tree, IgE

Test 82784 : Privet Tree, IgE. Clinical Information Discusses physiology, pathophysiology, and general clinical aspects, as they relate to a laboratory test.

Privet allergy symptoms (croupy cough, hormone imbalance, hot...)

Symptoms Allergy To Privet. Privit Allergy Simptoms.

AAAAI2003 Abstract 696 Page 1

The closely related species, ash and privet, contain substances that react with the Ole e 1 assay.

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Another species, tree privet, flowers from January to March.

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