PRIVET berries - poisonous

DOLL'S EYES - poisonous. highly poisonous berry which grows on a plant with white flowers. The berry itself is large and white with a black mark, giving it the appearance of eyes.


Both tree privet and Chinese privet are tolerant of drought, as well as cold and wet conditions. Privet’s leaves and berries are poisonous to animals and people. Its pollen and scent is also believed by some to contribute to respiratory disorders such as asthma and hay fever.

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Not sure if the berries from the Chinese Privet is poisonous for chickens as wild birds love the berries. However, that is a nasty gawd-awful tree whose berries sprout everywhere they fall and they take over wherever they are allowed to grow.


However, privet is poisonous and since it is not evergreen in the North, will look nice only three seasons of the year.

What are some poisonous berries?

Privet berries are also blue-to-black in color, and although they are only mildly poisonous to humans, they are best left alone.

Poisonous To Dogs

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Alfalfa (multiple exposures)

Castor Bean Ceriman Charming Dieffenbachia Cherry (seeds & wilting leaves) Chinaberry Tree - Is a tree whose berries are poisonous.

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But the tree's berries are poisonous, so I have to clean my deck every time my 8-month-old and I go out to play.

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The leaves and berries are poisonous to animals and humans. Tree privet is capable of crowding out canopy trees in native forests. It may also impede native seedling germination and may eventually dominate an area of forest.

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