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Privet trees and shrubs are moderately drought tolerant. Give the plants about an inch of water weekly if rainfall is not sufficient. Privets require medium amounts of water but their roots should never sit in puddles.

Privet ( Ligustrum sinense)

Description: Small-leaved privet is a large shrub or small tree to 5 m high. It was introduced to the NSW North Coast for use as hedge plants and windbreaks.


These include tree privet (Ligustrum lucidum), Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense), Californian privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium) and common privet (Ligustram vulgare).

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Helps your Variegated Privet get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how: Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Collecting Privet/Ligustrum for Bonsai

The author collecting a large root-connected privet that can be seen in depth, later in this article.

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A Privet bonsai tree that has been taken from hedging material will need a year or two to get used to life in a container. The Privet bonsai’s thick, massive root system will ensure that the plant adapts quickly to being planted in a container, but it is still important to not rush the process.

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Most privet hedge plants are long-life plants which can grow more than 70 years. The planting place should be cleaned and any unnecessary things like weeds and big rocks should be removed. The large soil clumps should be broken as well to help them easily establish their root system.

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It stands to reason that the original trunk and roots should continue to feed the top portion of your tree until the new root system has developed.

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Privet - Ligustrum ovalifolium. Privet is probably the best all round evergreen hedge plant for urban areas. It will thrive in compacted, polluted

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