Watch BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Sky Go Using a Proxy Server

So you've decided to leave the rolling hills of the UK. You might be on holiday or have relocated - but

A UK Proxy - UK Proxy for the BBC Iplayer

UK Proxy server for the Iplayer. FAQ. How to watch BBC Iplayer on your TV. FAQs for the MyGica box and using XBMC. What is a Proxy Server?

BBC iPlayer

However due to legal requirements relating to Broadcasting Rights, the BBC iPlayer is only meant to be available for users who live inside the United Kingdom (UK).

BBC iPlayer 'watched by more than 60 million people outside the UK...

Research finds more than 38 million people in China are using VPNs or proxy servers to watch BBC shows – and could be a useful source of revenue.

United Kingdom Proxy Server List - British Proxies

British Proxy List - Proxies from United Kingdom. Proxy Server List - this page provides and maintains the largest and the most up-to-date list of working proxy servers that are available for public use.

Watch UK TV - Stream BBC iPlayer, 4OD ... Proxy / VPN

With a UK TV proxy you can watch UK TV programmes anywhere! BBC iPlayer.

uk proxy server free: how to watch bbc iplayer abroad

UK Proxy Server Free - Watch TV Abroad and Other Benefits of UK Web Proxy Access. Free proxy servers are a means of accessing the internet from a location beyond your actual one.

Run your own proxy server to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK

Overview. If you are located outside of the UK and you want to watch a subset of content the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) makes available online via BBC iPlayer, you are out of luck. This content is only available to users based in the UK (or you could pay BBC for it).

How to Use a BBC Iplayer Proxy Abroad | Ninja Proxy Surfing

The BBC will think I’m in the UK as it looks at the IP address of the proxy server and not mine. So using a BBC Iplayer proxy works incredibly well, here’s what I see now.

Proxy Server (BBC iPlayer abroad) - RasPi

The browser running on the laptop is then configured to connect to the Internet via the UK proxy server via the SSH tunnel essentially presenting a UK IP address and thus allowing access to content on the BBC iPlayer website.

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