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Red Herring Examples and Definition - Literary Devices

In the real world, a red herring may be unintentional (for example, any evidence in a real detective case that later proves to be irrelevant). The definition of red herring when used in literature, however, is that it is intentional.

What is a Red Herring? (with pictures)

A red herring refers to a device or diversion used to distract the onlooker from the original idea. Red herrings are often seen in films, adventure games, and puzzles. However, the most common use for such a device is in literature, especially mystery and thriller stories.

The 'Red Herring' negotiation tactic sets a false trail. Here's how to use...

Red herrings are particularly useful when the activity is time-bound -- that is, time spent following the red herring is time that can not be spent in other areas. Talking about problems that are not really problems has effects beyond distraction.

Neither fish nor flesh, nor good red herring - meaning and origin.

Origin. Red herrings are salted herrings that turn a reddish colour during the smoking process. They have come to be synonymous with the deliberate false trails that are the stock in trade of 'who done it' thrillers.

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Free. iOS. How to play Red Herring: 1. Group words into categories. 2. Look out for the Red Herrings, pesky little words whose sole purpose is to mislead you. 3. Have fun! Red Herring is a unique new puzzle game. Each puzzle has only one correct solution and there's no time limit.

Red Herring Definition | Investopedia

A red herring prospectus contains most of the information pertaining to the company's operations and prospects, but does not include key details of the issue such as its price and the number of shares offered.

Red Herring | Fallacy Detective

Red Herring is along similar lines. I don't think anybody really knows why they call it a Red Herring. I've heard various stories, usually involving dogs, over ripe fish, and prison inmates, but I'm sure it has something to do with creating a false scent trail.

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red herring "smoked herring" early 15c. (they turn red when cured). Supposedly used by fugitives to put bloodhounds off the scent (1680s), hence metaphoric sense (1884) of "something used to divert attention from the basic issue."

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