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Red Jacket (known as Otetiani in his youth and Sagoyewatha [Keeper Awake] Sa-go-ye-wa-tha because of his oratorical skills) (c. 1750–January 20, 1830) was a Native American Seneca orator and chief of the Wolf clan.

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With stunning views of the White Mountains and Saco River Valley and sitting atop 25 acres on Sunset Hill, Red Jacket Mountain View Resort is true to its name.



Red Jacket Firearms.

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Red Jacket, who lived in one of the most dynamic periods of American history, died on January 20, 1830...

Chief Red Jacket - Native American hero


The name "Red Jacket" was given to him by the British soldiers who gave him a "red coat," when he fought with the British against the colonies.

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Red Jacket enters the historical record around the time of the American Revolution when he is said to have habitually worn a red coat provided him by the British, who employed him as a messenger, thus...

The Red Jacket


The Red Jacket “The red, please,” I said pointing to the red fabric on the shelf, ignoring the blue, pink and dusty rose placed before my enchanted eyes.

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Red Jacket retreated at the approach of General John Sullivan’s American troops in 1779, and he even attempted to conclude a separate peace with the Americans.

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Red Jacket and the so-called Pagan Party were undermined in the ensuing years, however, by accusations of witchcraft and Red Jacket's own problems with alcohol.

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All this He had done for his red children, because He loved them.


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