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The notes pictured above are still a valid means of payment in Romania. You can exchange these Romanian Leu banknotes at your bank or in a bureaux de change - currency exchange office.

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Microtext: All Romanian notes in circulation have, on the obverse and reverse, printed areas which contain tiny writing.

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Since 1867 there have been four successive currencies in Romania known as the leu (plural lei). This article details the banknotes denominated in the leu and its subdivision the ban since 1917, with images. Issued in Iaşi, during World War I by the Ministry of Finance, as war money.

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The Romanian leu, Romanian Lion (Romanian pronunciation: [lew], plural lei [lej]; ISO 4217 code RON; numeric code 946) is the currency of Romania. It is subdivided into 100 bani (Romanian pronunciation: [banʲ], singular: ban, Romanian pronunciation: [ban]). - Currency Information Romanian Leu

At the time of its introduction, 150 new lei equalled 1 U.S. dollar.The Romanian currency is Leu, Leu.

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Total area: 83 858 km² Population: 8.1 million Currency: Euro Government on line Coins and Notes Denomination Romanian currency - LEU (pl.

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Today, the romanian currency [see Coins & Notes and Museum] is LEU (pl. LEI) and the fractional coin is BAN (pl. BANI) [100 ban(i)=1 leu].

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