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Travel to Romania - Traditional Romanian Food and Recipes, Wines...


Tradition Romanian Food – Traistuta Bucatarului . Stews (tocăniţe) made with different kinds of meat (usually chicken and pork) and with vegetables also figure on the restaurant menus...

Romanian cuisine - Wikipedia


Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions with which it has come into contact, but it also maintains its own character. It has been greatly influenced by Ottoman cuisine, while it also includes influences from the cuisines of other neighbours, including German, Serbian...

How to Make Authentic Romanian Food


By Barbara Rolek. Eastern European Food Expert. By Barbara Rolek. Romania has been occupied throughout history by the Greeks, Romans, Turks and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A Sample of Romanian Food - Hecktic Travels


Our impression of what Romanian food would be like was not far off. Heavy, simple meals consisting mainly of meat and carbs which are intended to stick to one’s bones.

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Romanian food and dining


Eat traditional Romanian food (Dining). Well, going around Romania will give you plenty of chances to visit great places, to do some souvenirs shopping or mingling with the locals.

Romanian Food Taste Test #2 - YouTube


Another Romanian food taste test! Tasting this Romanian food made me want to learn more about Romania and now I want to travel to Romania one day!

Romanian Food


Foods of romania. Dairy products.

Romanian Food | Romanian Tour – Travel To Romania


While visiting Romania, tasting the local food is a must and we strongly believe that the Romanian cuisine, with its finest ingredients, delicious meals and tasty wines...

20 Amazing Romanian Foods You Must Try... | Romania Experience


Fortunately, Romania has some amazing foods that anybody in the world would love – or at least that’s what I really hope. And even though these traditional Romanian foods can be found in other Balkan...


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