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  1. Romanian language - Wikipedia

    Romanian is a Romance language spoken by around 24-26 million people as a native language, primarily in Romania and Moldova, and by another 4 million people as a second language. It has official status in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.


  2. Romanian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova by about 24 million people.

    • Romanian contains many words taken from the surrounding Slavic languages, and also from French, Old Church Slavonic, German, Greek and Turkish.


  3. Romanian Language

    • Romanian (limba română) is the official language of Romania. The name Romania, and its derivatives, come from the Latin word 'Romanus' (citizen of Rome)...


  4. Romanian language | Britannica.com

    • Romanian language: Romance language spoken primarily in Romania and Moldova.
    • Romanian language. Written By: Marius Sala, Rebecca Posner.


  5. Proto-Romanian language - Wikipedia

    Proto-Romanian (also known as "Common Romanian", româna comună or "Ancient Romanian", străromâna, Balkan Latin) is a hypothetical and unattested Romance language evolved from Vulgar Latin and considered to have been spoken by the ancestors of today's Romanians and related...


  6. Romanian language

    • Romanian (or Daco-Romanian; obsolete spellings Rumanian, Roumanian; self-designation: română, limba română [ˈlimba roˈmɨnə] ( listen) ("the Romanian language") or românește (lit. "in Romanian"...


  7. Learn Romanian phrases and sentences | Acceptaţi carţi de credit? ‘Do you take credit cards?’ and Adresa mea de e-mail este... ‘My e-mail address is ..’ are good examples of useful phrases which illustrate the relationship between the two languages.

    • Romanian is a romance language with around 25 million speakers living in Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine.


  8. Romanian Language | Effective Language Learning

    • The Romanian language is an official language in its origin country of Romania, as officially classified by the Constitution of Romania in 1991.


  9. History of Romanian - Wikipedia

    The history of the Romanian language began in the Roman provinces of Southeast Europe north of the so-called "Jireček Line", but the exact place where its formation started is still debated. Eastern Romance is now represented by four variants – Daco-Romanian, Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian...


  10. Istro-Romanian language - Wikipedia

    Istro-Romanian is an Eastern Romance language spoken today in a few villages and hamlets in the peninsula of Istria, in Croatia on the northern Adriatic, as well as in places where the Istro-Romanian people settled after the two world wars, most notably in Italy, the United States, Canada, Argentina...