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Romanians are natives of Romania that share a common Romanian culture, ancestry, and speak the Romanian language as a mother tongue, as well as by citizenship or by being subjects to the same country.

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Category:Romanian people. Not to be confused with Romani people, an unrelated ethnic group.

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The people who consciously experienced the Romania of Ceaușescu?

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This joke also explains the bad nature of Romanian roads. Still, this is a stereotype, but although many Oltenians that I met are highly educated, nice people and good programmers...

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About 21,700,000 people live in Romania. Ethnic breakdown is 89% Romanian 7.5% Hungarian, 1.9% Gypsy, German, Ukrainian, Armenian, Croatian, Serbian and Turkish.

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The Romanian people are a nation in the meaning of ethnos (Romanian: neam), defined more by the sense of sharing a common Romanian culture, descent...

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Andiro: Did you meet Romanians abroad? Did you meet Romanians in their own country? I would like to know your opinion about us! Nowadays, we work a lot on our image...

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The ethnogenesis of the Romanian people was probably completed by the 10th century. The first stage, the Romanization of the Geto-Dacians, had now been followed by the second...

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