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  1. to make money - Romanian translation - bab.la English-Romanian dictionary

    • Translation for 'to make money' in the free English-Romanian dictionary and many other Romanian translations.
    • expand_more English Romanian. search cancel. keyboard.


  2. What is 10 Romanian in English money | 10 Lei = 1,81241 Bitish pound (official at 23.06.2014).

    • Many Romanians are able to speek English, but the national language is Romanian and not everyone will speak English. In major hotels you will find that the staff at the Recep…tion Desk often
    • What is 10-12 dollars in English money? You need to say which type of dollar you want to convert from or into.


  3. to pay in ready money - Romanian translation - bab.la English-Romanian dictionary

    • English-Romanian translation for "to pay in ready money".
    • Do you know more translations for "to pay in ready money"? Help our dictionary grow with your comment Feedback.


  4. Can you use English money in Romania

    • Do Romanians speak English in Romania?
    • English Money is only legal tender in England and Wales, not Scotland, Scotland technically doesnt have any legal tender besides coins, even though the Bank of Scotland issued the world's first banknote.


  5. 16 Romanian phrases that British people find hilarious - Azimo - Blog

    • 16. “Did you come with your palm between your butt-cheeks?” Romanian: a venit cu mana in fund English: not bringing a gift when you visit. Need to send money to Romania?


  6. Can you change English money in Romanian banks

    • Translate bicarbonat from romanian to English? The English language equivalent is bicarbonate (but sometimes dicarbonate ).
    • What money do Romanians use? The Romanian currency is leu: 1 leu = 100 bani.


  7. romanian to english money

    • Free Online Romanian to English Online Translation Service. The Romanian to English translator can translate text, words and phrases into over 50 languages.
    • Translation of 'No Money' by Galantis (Christian Karlsson, Linus Eklöw) from English to Romanian.


  8. The money is a liquid metaphor in economic | Romanian

    • Our starting hypothesis has been confirmed: the cognitive background for the MONEY IS A LIQUID metaphor is to a large extent shared by English, Romanian and Serbian.


  9. Romanian to English Translation

    • If it is an online Romanian to English translator you need, you have just found the best Romanian to English translator around, and it is free! Babylon, the world's leading provider of language solutions...


  10. Monetary - English to English Translation

    • Babylon English-English. pertaining to money, fiscal. hEnglish - advanced version.
    • unit zairese monetary unit romanian monetary unit kuwaiti monetary unit italian monetary unit western samoan monetary unit tanzanian monetary unit lebanese monetary unit tongan monetary unit iranian...