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Scripts can send alerts to their owner by email or by SMS. Email alerts are sent from subdomain@script-alerts.webscript.io (using the subdomain of the script that sent the alert) and go to the email address of the Webscript user account.

G-alert -- Greasemonkey script for GMail


G-Alert alpha -- A Greasemonkey script for setting reminders in GMail.

<script>alert('hack');</script> - Twinoid



Cross-Site Scripting – Application Security – Google


Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a security bug that can affect websites. If present in your website, this bug can allow an attacker to add their own

GlideUser (g user) - ServiceNow Wiki


g_user is a global object in GlideUser (the Javascript class). g_user. can only be used in Client Scripts. contains name and role information about the current user. is typically used in Client Scripts and UI Policies but is also found in UI Actions which run on the client. cannot be used in Business Rules or UI...

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javascript - Can scripts be inserted with innerHTML? - Stack Overflow


Adding a script tag with innerHTML is much shorter than creating a script DOM element and adding it to the body, and I am trying to make my code as short as possible.

Adding Alert Actions to an Alert Template


The Script alert action must be selected whether using scripts associated with a monitor or scripts associated with an alert template.

<script language="javasсript">alert("xak");</script> | VK


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How To Work with Java Script Alerts


It has various JavaScript Alerts available (e.g., an alert, a confirmation, and a prompt). Let's demonstrate testing a confirmation dialog (e.g., a prompt which asks the user to click Ok or Cancel). First, we'll include our requisite libraries (e.g...

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