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    • The World ayahuasca comes from the Quechua language and means” soul plant,” death plant”or”vision plant”. This plant is known by many different names by the 72 cultures that ingest it in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. This Legendary entheogen is used by shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate...


  2. Shamantic & Spiritual Center

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    • The Ayahuasca medicine is used by Shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate with the spirits.


  3. Contact Us | Shamantic & Spiritual Center | Shaman Shop

    • Shaman Shop. Address: Trunfo 393/107, Cusco, Peru Phone: 084 226 278 Mobile: 984 687 663. Retreat for Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sweat Lodge ceremonies. Contact Us. We would love to hear about you!


  4. Ayahuasca | Shamantic & Spiritual Center

    • We are doing our Ayahuasca ceremonies in a nice and quiet area outside Cusco in the Maloca (ceremonial house) in the house of the Shaman Kush. We meet up around 7 pm at the Shaman Shop (Triunfo 393/107, Cusco, Peru) and drive together to the place.


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    • Shaman Shop Cusco: Rip Off Ayahuasca Ceremony - Digg Shaman Shop Cusco: Rip Off Ayahuasca Ceremony. shamanshopcusco.blogspot.com — I went to visit Kush in his expensive looking shaman hut and got a lot less than I ...


  6. Ayahuasca | Shamantic & Spiritual Center

    • Realizamos nuestras ceremonias de Ayahuasca en una zona tranquila y bonita en las afueras de Cusco en un espacio ceremonial (maloca). A las 7 pm nos encontramos en el Shaman Shop para ir juntos por allí.


  7. Shaman Shop Cusco

    • After much research online I found many glowing reviews of the Shaman Shop Cusco and Shaman Kush himself. I decided to pay a visit and booked an Ayahuasca ceremony. I was told by Kush's wife (who works in the shop)...




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    • I wanted to post a warning to the interwebs about the deception peddled by the the Shaman Shop in Cusco, owned and operated by Shaman Kush, offering Ayahuasca ceremonies just outside Cusco.


  10. Ayahuasca Retreat with a focus on healing in Cusco Peru

    • Our Shipibo shaman and Qero priest. Bringing healing practices from around Peru. Ayahuasca ceremony with shipibo shaman from the Amazon.
    • in Taray sacred valley Cusco. Inca religion & ayahuasca. Ancient Philosophy.