A great purification: Ayahuasca has never been used casually or for recreational purposes in the above mentioned traditional societies. On the contrary, it is used in order to bring about a chemically induced state of trance for those who wish to embark on the “search for vision”. They are guided by a shaman...

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We are doing our Ayahuasca ceremonies in a nice and quiet area outside Cusco in the Maloca (ceremonial house) in the house of the Shaman Kush. We meet up around 7 pm at the Shaman Shop (Triunfo 393/107, Cusco, Peru) and drive together to the place.

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Shaman Shop. Address: Trunfo 393/107, Cusco, Peru Phone: 084 226 278 Mobile: 984 687 663. Retreat for Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Sweat Lodge ceremonies. Contact Us. We would love to hear about you!

Shaman Shop Cusco

I wanted to post a warning to the interwebs about the deception peddled by the the Shaman Shop in Cusco, owned and operated by Shaman Kush, offering Ayahuasca ceremonies just outside Cusco.

Shaman's Shop Cusco - Ayahuasca -

Shaman's Shop Cusco. topic posted Sat, March 27, 2010 - 2:25 AM by ZORAYA.

Ayahuasca Retreat with a focus on healing in Cusco Peru

Ayahuasca ceremony with shipibo shaman from the Amazon. We work in a compassionate and loving environment, where healing and personal growth are prioritized.

BEST SHAMANIC CENTER IN PERU - Etnika's Ayahuasca retreats

If you're looking for Ayahuasca in Cusco, you're bound to find a Shaman offering the service on every second street corner. I came across many, but was impressed by Etnika's professionalism and particularly the warm welcome I received when I inquired.

shaman in cusco perú | Ayahuasca Cusco Peru

Very powerful (Peru Cusco Ayahuasca) a testimonial from Japan. Very powerful, with a love like that, fielding is a shaman. It is the younger generation between Shipipo family.

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