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The sky map shows the entire sky as viewed from a given location at a specified time and date. A stereographic projection is used, as is the convention for printed star maps.

Skymaps.com - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts


The Evening Sky Map The Evening Sky Map (PDF) is a 2-page monthly guide to the night sky suitable for all sky watchers including newcomers to Astronomy.

Sky Map turns your Android device into a window on the night sky.


Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has now been donated and open sourced.

Sky Map Online


Provides free printable and interactive sky charts for any location, time and viewpoint.

SKY-MAP.ORG - Wikipedia


SKY-MAP.ORG (or WikiSky.org) is a wiki and interactive sky map that covers more than half a billion celestial objects. Users can view the whole star sky at once and zoom in to view areas in greater detail. WikiSky includes many stars, galaxies, constellations, and planets, but it is still in development.

Map of current sky


Next links to the sky maps point the view from different geolocations (center of continents and both poles) up to the sky: (External links to sky map plots open in a new browser window.)

Online Planetarium


World map of satellite positions Satellites in your sky 3D satellite map Planetarium of satellites GPS satellite positions Find bright satellite passes.

An online sky map, easy to use to identify stars and planets | Stelvision


as the Earth rotates on itself, we see the sky scroll as if we were on a ride: the whole sky seems to turn the hours around a point near the pole star (center of the map).

Sky Map Alternatives and Similar Apps - AlternativeTo.net


Sky Map (formerly the Google Sky Map) turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky. Figure out what you're looking at: Point your phone at the sky...


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