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skyrim - Two-handed weapon builds/play-styles that are actually...


I started an Orc character last week in Skyrim and decided to make him a two-handed weapon bruiser. Just doing Bleak-Falls I needed lots of potions...

skyrim 2 handed build health or stamina


Skyrim How to get: Absorb Health, Stamina, Magika Enchantment Location. Skyrim - ALL Unique 2-Handed Weapon - Locations Best, secret). How to get the unique ghost weapons in Skyrim with the Absorb Health, Stamina and Magika! Dream Strider Build Guide.

How to Play Best as a Warrior in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | LevelSkip


In Skyrim, berserkers traditionally fought almost bare-handed, and it's extra fun to fight in such a traditional style.

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There are two different subdivisions of potions. Potions help by restoring health/magicka/stamina, fortifying an ability or the effect of an ability, or otherwise benefiting the Dragonborn. Poisons, on the other hand, are applied to weapons and detrimentally affect the targeted NPC.

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The rest in health and stamina at 2health to 1stamina. I survive (dominate ) the fight then use perked up resto to heal amazing amounts of damage in little time.

Trying a two handed build for the first time, best magic to go with it?


I thought about Destruction, but it sounds too magcka heavy for a build that requires a lot of health and stamina.

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Weapon 2: Two Handed. Nightblade Skill.

Skyrim: Fergus McAskill's Guide to Two-handed Weapons


The construction of a two-handed beast in Skyrim is pretty straightforward...and like I said at the beginning, arguably the easiest route to a dominant character build. Health/Stamina/Magicka

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Welcome to my character build guide for the epic game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!

Advice for a Nord "Barbarian" build? : V - Skyrim | Forum


I'd say get into a comfortable middle. Each time you lv up, rotate health or stamina.

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