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Top 10 Xbox 360 RPG | Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Video Review

The best feature of this Xbox 360 game is the fact the it has 2 player co-op capability. Now your friend can play as your side-kick or evil minion beside you at home or on Xbox Live.

9 Games Like Skyrim - Popular Action Role-Playing Games

The game is limited to consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3). No game in the Wild West will ever be able to live up to Red Dead Redemption and I still can't shake the feeling of riding off into the sunset on my horse, something that is very comparable to Skyrim.

44 Games Like Skyrim - Games Finder

The game world of Skyrim is huge and one of the biggest ever in a video game, while also reacting to player actions. This huge world comes with many adventures and quests for players to explore both on foot and

pc - How do I get my DualShock 2 controller to work as an XBOX 360...

You can use x360ce to emulate an Xbox 360 controller with any old DirectInput controller.

Skyrim for Xbox 360 or PC? | Forum -

I like Xbox 360 because of the controlles and PC has mods for everything so which one is best in your guys opinon?

Skyrim | Devices & Xbox

Your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox Live.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Xbox 360 Reviews - Metacritic

The next chapter in the Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.

How to make xbox 360 2 player - 1Q5A

Is skyrim a 2 player xbox360? Nope, it is only 1 player . How to Make a "Modern Warfare 2 " Server on Xbox 360 . 1. Start up "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 " on your Xbox 360 . 2 . Press the "Start" button and then select "Multiplayer.

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