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— Wikia - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Marriage. If any, watch out for the following two bugs

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7 Marriage bug? 8 Remarriage after Spouse Death.

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During the marriage ceremony, Muiri sometimes disappears and cannot be found outside the temple afterward.

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I just recently married Aela the Huntress, but she has disappeared.

Serana - Elder Scrolls - Wikia | Click to show a list of bugs.

"This must be that beautiful Skyrim weather I've always heard about."

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Hi, I've had a problem since I've had skyrim on my pc... Sometimes when I see a group of items, they'll all disappear suddenly. They'll still be there, and will reappear when I move them.

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Skyrim marriage taught me that your wife is totally cool with you running around with 9 (mod) extremely attractive followers on long adventures.

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I think the imperial guard is bugged because, you can’t really force marriage them, or set relationshiprank to make them fall in love really.

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