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Ysolda is a Nord found in Whiterun, usually near Dragonsreach and the marketplace. She is a candidate for marriage after her quest is completed. Ysolda comes across as a bargain hunter and keen tradeswoman, yet her personality seems quite friendly, if a bit nosy.

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Ysolda – Nord, found in Whiterun.

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Ok so I'm trying to marry Ysolda, she agrees to the marriage i go set it up and wait in the temple, but as soon as she shows up i get quest failed message for attend

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I just simply want a way to get out of my old, bugged marriage since I killed Ysolda and nothing happened after that, no courier delivering a message, nothing.

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Skyrim may be racist, but they are all for same sex marriage! Now for marrying Ysolda, who I married, she opens up a shop, and for every day(in game) she will give you 100 gold. So if you were gone for a long time on a quest or few quests and a few days pass you'll get a little nice reward from her when...

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Ysolda is a young Nord woman in Whiterun. She is an aspiring merchant, with ties to the Khajiit Caravaners who run a circuit between all the major cities of Skyrim. She is also apparently a potential buyer for the Bannered Mare, the main tavern in Whiterun.

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Skyrim - Marriage to Ysolda. Skyrim bug fix - A night To Remember.

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