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Sonoran Desert Climate Dry Tropical Climate (BW).

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A Unique Desert Ecosystem. Not all deserts are the same—in fact, the state of Arizona has four distinct deserts, differentiated by their geography, elevation, rainfall

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Climate Yuma in Arizona is located in the Sonoran Desert. It has very high daytime temperatures in July it can reach 420C and in January it can be as high as 180C. However, temperatures at night can drop to 250C in the July and as low as 50C in January.

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Sonoran Desert Ecosystem. On This Page. Continental Physiography. Geology and Topography. Climate.

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Deserts experience an extremely dry climate and the scorching heat of the sun, most times of the year.

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Facts on the Inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert: Click on an illustration and learn about the life all around the saguaro cactus.

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The Sonoran is well known for its beauty and spectacular cacti. In spite of the harsh climate of this desert, there is diverse plant and animal life. This desert, in fact, has the greatest diversity of vegetative growth of any desert in the world.

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Sonoran Desert Weather, Climate & Terrain. The global air patterns tend to keep the Sonoran hot and dry most of the year. The Sonoran Desert is located on what is called a "horse latitude," also known as a subtropical high, which means that cool, moist air from the equator

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Sonoran Desert Facts? 1. The Sonoran Desert is a big place - over 100,000 square miles! Much of the Sonoran Desert lies in Mexico, partly in the state of Sonora, where the desert gets its name.

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