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Example of powerless speech mannerisms are; hedges, hesitations, intensifiers, polite forms, tag questions, disclaimers, and rising inflections.

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The way you talk and gesture are examples of mannerisms.

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Examples of mannerisms are found in a person's gestures and speech patterns. Mannerisms include suspicion, defensiveness, nervousness, frustration, confidence and cooperation.

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Reported speech. Spelling rules. Verb structures.

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Dene the various manners of articulation. • Classify the consonants of American English according to their organ, place, manner

Drunk speech but sober captions: How manner captions do the heavy...


But as with other examples of manner of speaking, special speech (drunk, distorted, impersonated, etc.) doesn’t look any different from regular/normal speech.

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Definition: A simplified manner of speech in which only the most important content words are used to

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These clandestine speech mannerisms characterize Daisy An emphasis on the use of speech patterns and mannerisms of

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