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StarWars.com Team. Sure, everyone wants to be a member of the Ghost crew. But there are a lot of different characters in Star Wars Rebels. You could be a Lothal rebel, but maybe you’re more like an Imperial. Take this quiz and find out which Rebels character you are!

Star Wars Characters by Picture Quiz


× Star Wars Characters by Picture. Random Movies or Image Quiz Quiz. Can you name the Star Wars characters by their pictures? by MackSalmon. Updated Apr 16, 2013.

Star Wars Characters Quiz


Random Movies or Star Wars Quiz. Can you name the characters from the 'Star Wars' movies? by Matt. Updated Dec 23, 2015.

Which Star Wars Character Are You?


Take this personality test to determine which main Star Wars character you are most like! Question 1: How would you describe yourself?

Star Wars Characters


Name these Star Wars characters. All six movie episodes are covered; the books are not.

Which Star Wars Character Are You? | More Great Quizzes


This Quiz Is Fun For People Who Like Star Wars And I Mean Really Fun So Give It A Try And See Which Star Wars Character YOU ARE You Can Be 8 Different Characters I Am Going To See Who I Am Too.

Which Star Wars Character Are You? Quiz


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Which "Star Wars" Character Are You


Which "Star Wars" Character Are You? You got: Luke Skywalker. Yeah, OK, so you saved the galaxy, but you also kissed your sister.

Which Star Wars Character Are You? | BrainFall


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Name That 'Star Wars' Character Quiz | HowStuffWorks


How well do you know the 'Star Wars' characters? Test your knowledge with this quiz at HowStuffWorks.

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