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    • 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Predictions: 33 Things to Expect - Fuse. www.fuse.tv.
    • ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Named Most Anticipated 2017 Movie... |


  2. Star Wars: Our 10 Predictions for Episodes 8 and 9

    [Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead]. – Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here, showing audiences at long last what has transpired in their favorite galaxy far, far away over the past three decades.


  3. 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Predictions: 33 Things to Expect - Fuse

    • We're 503 days out from 'Star Wars: Episode VIII,' Rian Johnson's sequel to 'The Force Awakens.'
    • Because we do. Here are all our predictions and certainties, right down to how many lightsabers Kylo Ren will hold.


  4. The Force Awakens Spoilers: Star Wars Episode VIII Predictions - New Media Rockstars

    • Clearly it’s trying to leave some story lines for the next two chapters. And it looks like these are some of the more likely scenes we’ll see play out in Star Wars Episode VIII: 5. Rey is Revealed to be Luke Skywalker’s Daughter.


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    • Star Wars Episode VIII is currently filming, but what's it gonna be about? We think we've cracked the plot - keyword is think...
    • Here’s the only prediction you need. Kylo Ren dies in EP8 and it’s Rey that kills him, in a full on rage and turns to the dark side herself.


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  7. Top 5 Star Wars Episode 8 Predictions (Star Wars VIII) - YouTube

    • May 26th 2017 is the day we are said to be able to watch Star Wars episode 8 but until then here are the top 5 predictions for what will be in Star Wars
    • 8.  Star wars music and intro credits  Abruptly cut Spoiler warning.  #5 in star wars theme The background of Finn Finn doesn’t know his real name.


  8. 5 Major Plot Predictions For Star Wars Episodes 8 & 9 | It's not just going to be a remake of The Empire Strikes Back.

    • Star Wars Adam Driver Daisy Ridley Star Wars Episode IX Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
    • 10 Major Plot Predictions For Avengers: Infinity War. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 11 Major New Details Revealed By EW.


  9. 10 Predictions For Star Wars 8

    • You are reading: 10 Predictions For Star Wars 8.
    • via spinoff.comicbookresources.com. Let’s hope Star Wars 8 isn’t a rehash of The Empire Strikes Back. Episode 7 was basically a new version of Episode IV, A New Hope.


  10. Star Wars Episode 8 Predictions | Generation Tech - YouTube

    Is Finn Lando Calarisian's son? Or perhaps Mace Windu's grandson? And what about Snoke? Could he be Darth Vadar's body possessed by the Emperor's force...