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    • ‘This Is Us’: Spoilers We Just Learned About Season 2. Ariel Winter’s High Slit Dress Isn’t Her First... The Inhumans: 5 Things to Know About Marvel’s Forgotten...


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    • Official Info Andy Serkis (Supreme Leader Snoke) -Episode 8/9. dlbates, Dec 20, 2015 ...


  3. 15 Possible Spoilers For Star Wars Episode 8 | Screen Rant

    Star Wars Episode VIII doesn’t open until December 2017, but Star Wars fans hungry for more adventure—and more than one explanation—haven’t stopped debating the events of The Force Awakens since they walked out of the theatre.


  4. Star Wars Episode 8 Spoiler: Finn Becomes A Resistance Spy

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  5. 'Star Wars: Episode 8' Spoilers Leak: Luke Skywalker May Be Too Powerful For That Lightsaber Rey Brought | Player.One

    Making Star Wars claims to have an accurate description of Luke Skywalker’s costume in Star Wars: Episode 8, but there’s another little leaked detail, less verifiable, that could prove far more consequential to the plot of Episode VIII. This would be a big spoiler, if verified.


  6. ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Spoilers: Rey Could Be Han Solo’s Daughter; Luke Erases Their Memory : MStarsNews

    • Several "Star Wars: Episode 8" spoilers are flooding the internet again, despite the fact that the movie is far from its release.
    • "Star Wars: Episode 8" is scheduled to be released in December 2017.


  7. Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers: ‘The Force Awakens’ Script Gives Details On Luke, Kylo Ren And Rey’s Family | Player.One

    With the introduction of 2016, Disney has released the screenplay for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the Writer’s Guild for awards consideration. And you may figure that the script adds a lot more detail to the film that may answer some of the many questions that surround the movie. SPOILER ALERT!


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    • Rules Warning 7SA - Sign up for 7NSA (E7 boards). Star Wars: New Films - No Spoilers Allowed.


  9. Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi News, Rumors & Spoilers | moviepilot.com

    • Now, with two years to wait for the continuation, we have plenty of time to speculate about what surprises Star Wars Episode VIII may bring. New Star Wars 8 rumors are coming to light all the time, and we've compiled them all so that you don't have to hunt for them!


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