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  1. Star Wars 8 Script Leak Reveals Huge Anakin Skywalker Spoiler? - MovieWeb

    • Fair warning, this article may contain truly massive spoilers for Star Wars Episode VIII, so read ahead at your own risk. With that out of the way, if this supposed leaked scene is legitimate, we are going to learn who Anakin Skywalker's father is, and it is absolutely nuts.


  2. 'Star Wars: Episode 8' Spoilers Leak: Luke Skywalker May Be Too Powerful For That Lightsaber Rey Brought | Player.One

    Making Star Wars claims to have an accurate description of Luke Skywalker’s costume in Star Wars: Episode 8, but there’s another little leaked detail, less verifiable, that could prove far more consequential to the plot of Episode VIII. This would be a big spoiler, if verified.


  3. 'Star Wars: Episode 8' Plot Leak Reveals Rey Flashback Spoilers | Player.One

    So far Star Wars: Episode 8 hasn’t been nearly as leaky as the Star Wars: The Force Awakens shoot, but that might soon change: Making Star Wars finally have some sources on the inside. Following up on rumors that Rey would experience additional Force flashbacks...


  4. Rumored ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Plot Leaks [Spoilers]

    • Star Wars: Episode VIII may be over a year away from release, but a purported description of the highly anticipated film’s plot has emerged online, echoing a similar event in the run-up to The Force Awakens. [Potentially Major Spoilers Follow]. The leaked plot description emerged on Reddit several...


  5. Has Wikipedia leaked a major Star Wars: Episode 8 Spoiler? | moviepilot.com

    • Has Wikipedia been dropping spoilers for Star Wars Episode 8 - especially about Captain Phasma?
    • Next article. #Starwars.


  6. 'Star Wars' Episode 8 Spoilers: Leaked Script Reveals Rey's Ancient Link To Jedi Order : MOVIES/TV : Gamenguide

    • However, a large fan base only means that a lot would be scouring the internet for "Star Wars" episode 8 spoilers and leaked movie info. Fortunately, there are always some "Star War" episode 8 spoilers floating around.


  7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi & IX - Spoilers Allowed | Jedi Council Forums

    • VIII & IX SA: Discuss the upcoming films Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX. Spoilers allowed!
    • MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: No leaked LEGO content permitted. Locked Sticky.


  8. Star Wars: Episode VIII 'leaked script' reveals rumoured plot twists | Film | The Guardian

    Heavily spoiler-laden script rundown purports to reveal why Rey is so strong with the Force, and the return of Hayden Christensen as ghost of Anakin Skywalker.


  9. 'Star Wars: Episode 8' Plot Spoilers: 'Last Jedi' Leaks Have More To Do With Finn’s Butt Than You’d Think | Player.One

    The First Order has a Super Star Destroyer, similar to the Imperial flagship — and Darth Vader’s command center — the Executor, which crashed into the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor. The failures of the bigger, bigger...


  10. Purported ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ plot leaks, and I really hope it’s fake – BGR

    • Someone had to do it: I read the supposedly leaked Star Wars Episode VIII plot so you don’t have to.
    • Yes, there are many spoilers ahead – again, assuming this is the real deal – that reveal who Rey’s mysterious parents might be.